The Creaky Catwalk

As you may have picked up from our various different blogs and websites around, we have three cats – and we’ve done our best to make our fur-kids as at home and entertained as possible. To this end, I created a series of cat-walks around the house (which I describe in an article on my… Continue Reading →

When Darkness Calls – A Map Of The White House!

As I outlined in a post (on my author website) not too long ago, “When Darkness Calls” – Actually A True Story, the house in Port Elizabeth where the events described in “When Darkness Calls” took place – called “the White House” – was fairly thoroughly described in the book. However, for some odd reason,… Continue Reading →

What Would You Do, When Darkness Calls?

It’s been a little quiet around here for a while, largely due to the intervening COVID-19 pandemic and the associated chaos, but I’ve just popped in quick to do a little self-promotion! Among the many hats I wear, one of them is that of an author – and one of my books recently got released… Continue Reading →

About Those Mirrors…

Mirrors. Most homes have a few in them. Most people never think twice about them. Those who know a thing or two about the paranormal are well aware though that mirrors can be lots of different things – from spirit anchors, to divining tools – to portals.

Early Morning Cat Conundrum

We have 3 cats (Nyx, Ming and Lilly). Ming does not like Nyx but both love Lilly. That being said the obvious thing is all 3 would never really cuddle together, and so said a thing occurred 2 mornings ago. I woke at 5 am with a pressing need to relieve myself and finding myself… Continue Reading →

A Happily Haunted Home by Christina Engela

Wendy and I live in a lovely early 20th century semi-detached house in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth. I’ve lived there most of my life, since my 12th birthday (1985) when my mother and I moved in – and we lived there together until she died in 2013. I lived there alone for three years, until… Continue Reading →

My First Ghost by Christina Engela

For most of us who accept the existence of the paranormal realm, there was that one time that tipped the scales of unbelief and convinced us that what we were seeing or experiencing was a ghost or other apparition. For me it was the sight of a white form watching me as I slept when I… Continue Reading →


In this post, we’ll include several series of photos of sightings or supporting images of experiences we’ve had at our pleasantly haunted home, or elsewhere! The photos included in this post are unedited and unchanged! Most of the photos will show what are called orbs or light balls or whatever you’d prefer to call them…. Continue Reading →

About Us! Who Are We?

Hello and welcome to our online journal of personal paranormal experiences at home and away! Who are we? Well, we are Wendy and Christina Engela – a married couple living in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Both of us have an interest and abiding love for the paranormal, and both of us are aware… Continue Reading →

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